EPI-USE Africa Talent Management Team Volunteers For Mandela Day

The EPI-USE Africa Talent Management Team volunteered some of their yearly team building funds for ingredients to bake and sell muffins as part of their #MandelaDay #67 minutes initiative. The proceeds of the sales will be used to feed vulnerable children at the Dinokeng Botlhokwa Bja Ngwana Safe Child Care Center. Several sustainable projects are being investigated and implemented around the area of the Dinokeng Nature Reserve, where we are also assisting in the conservation of Rhino and Elephant as part of the Elephants Rhino People, EPI-USE’s Beyond Corporate Purpose initiative.

Thank you to the team for contributing your #67Minutes to bake muffins! The result of your efforts is that more children can be fed with nutritious food including ePap. (See www.peacefoundation.org.za/donations-causes/ ) It might be a small contribution, but that is what the whole Mandela day initiative is about – if everyone in South Africa spends 67 minutes involved in an act of kindness, it adds up to a big act of kindness. We are glad to report that 648 muffins were sold through this intervention! Thank you to everyone for buying them, as well as for all the donations we received!

We plan to do this again to reach our aim of R10 000 and we hope we can count on your support!