Rhino protection and welfare At Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Until about 24 months ago, when ERP took over responsibility for the security and well-being of the threatened rhino population in the 4,000-hectare Rietvlei Nature Reserve, the rhinos were suffering sporadic attacks and were at risk of annihilation. Now, thanks to drone-based surveillance, the ERP Ranger program and a security regimen, the reserve has suffered no rhino losses since ERP’s intervention, with several births during the past year resulting in what is today a lamentably rare phenomenon, viz. the increase in a localized rhino population. Rhino protection and welfare At Rietvlei Nature Reserve In addition to looking out for the rhinos’ security, during the dry months ERP supplements their feed. Click on the following link to view a short video of 4 of our safeguarded rhinos. If you turn up the volume, you will be treated to the beautiful sound of them relishing their feed.

Rhinos Chewing Video

ERP uses feeding cubes specially developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of rhinos during dry winter months and longer drought periods, such as currently being experienced in the region.