The ERP Rangers Team

The ERP Rangers Team consists of committed volunteers who contribute their time and effort to combat poaching against our elephants and rhinos in the field. Additionally, we have a special group of pawed rangers in the form of dogs, working in tandem with our human foot rangers. These hounds fall into one of three groups. We have dogs that are trained in human trailing through sniffing of human scent. This type is used to pick out any traces of poachers posing a threat to our wildlife. We also have dual purpose hounds, trained in both tracking and apprehending suspects. Lastly, we work with detection dogs, trained specifically to find and indicate an imprinted substance of scent. In this image is Layla, one of our treasured hound, who is part of the ranger patrolling team. Layla is well trained in tracking and apprehending poachers, with an added ability to detect firearms. All thanks to our Rangers, including Layla, poachers have been kept at bay at our wildlife safe havens.