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Oryx Desert Smoked & Wine Salts Gift Set


Oryx Desert Salt is a natural, crystal-white salt – unrefined, sun-dried, and free from additives and preservatives.

This salt contains essential natural minerals and trace elements in the correct balance for your body to absorb and utilize for optimal functioning, vitality and health.

It is harvested in a sustainable manner from a remote and pristine area of the vast Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Here, salt water from an ancient underground lake, fed by subterranean streams, is laid to rest on a pan, sun-dried and harvested.

Oryx Desert Salt is committed to supplying an ethically harvested, sustainable and renewable desert salt that has an exceptional taste, and enriches the flavor of your food.

  • 1.94 oz Oryx Smoked Salt and Grinder
  • 1.94 oz Oryx Wine Salt and Grinder
  • 11.94 oz Mini Oryx Desert Salt and Grinder
  • 1.94 oz Oryx Desert Fine Salt Bag

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