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The Althorp Collector's 4 x Watch Chest (Limited Edition 1 of only 2)

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This remarkable chest is made from the very last piece of a special, rare, brown-oak tree; sourced from the ancestral home/woodland seat of Princess Diana and the Spencer family - the Althorp estate, in Northampton.

Method's skilled craftsmen initially used this timber to create 'the world's finest watch-case' for Vacheron Constantin's one of a kind $1M Patrimony tourbillon minute repeater, in 2013, and later exhibited that piece at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London.

A small amount of this unique timber remained, and given it's very special story and immense natural beauty, Method's creative directors decided to turn this into a very limited-edition new design collector's watch case - naming it 'The Althorp' 

Handcrafted in Scotland and created  specifically to house four precious timepieces, this beautiful chest also features a slim, solid oak strap-drawer and drop-down  burgundy leather covered work-surface. 

Each watch is secured around a specially made wooden wrist-last, tailored to the clients exact wrist measurements, so that their straps are not stressed.

Materials: Fumed brown oak, polished brass, Burgundy leather, suede

Year: 2014

Maker: Callum G Robinson

Designers: Marisa Giannasi & Callum Robinson


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