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Morgenster Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used as the base oil for this new and exciting product. An entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is second nature to Morgenster’s owner, Giulio Bertrand and was the inspiration behind this product. The base oil, for which Morgenster is renowned, is infused with an extract from lemon skin to create a fresh and lively olive oil that partners extremely well with salads (particularly green salad), grilled, baked or braaied fish, and roast or stir-fried vegetables. For a new and exciting experience drizzle Morgenster’s Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil over Vanilla Ice-cream and top it with a couple of drops of aged White Balsamic Vinegar, not even your favorite Lemon Cheesecake ever tasted this good! 

Each bottle is sold individually and contains 8.45 fl.oz

Tasting Notes 

  • NOSE: The first layer of aromas from this oil is unmistakably citrus and lemony. Once warmed slightly the green grass aromas so typical of Morgenster’s extra Virgin Olive Oil break through the lemon bouquet leaving you with a refreshing combination of the two dimensions. 
  • PALATE: On the palate, once again, this oil is distinctly citrus in origin; light refreshing and crying out to be combined with food. 

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