On Consignment

Coming Soon...

Our ‘On Consignment’ marketplace specializes in new old stock, premium timepieces and writing instruments.  All items are subject to verification by an independent product specialist in the US, both as to their authenticity and to the ‘new old stock’, as-new condition.  As such, all of these sales will be final.  High-resolution photographs are available on request for each item, ensuring that the purchase is made on an informed basis.  All of groupelephant.com’s profits from ERP Mercantile ‘On Consignment' will go towards our nonprofit ERP projects.  For more information, please see our Group overview.

We are in search of consignment sellers to bolster our inventory, so should you be in a ‘collection reduction’ mindset insofar as timepiece and writing instruments are concerned and have any items you would like to submit to ERP Mercantile for consideration, please contact us at info@erpmercantile.com and we will be in touch with you in short order.