ERP Mercantile

ERP 'Ida' Elephant Bracelet

ERP is delighted to present the ‘Ida’ bracelet, now available for order. Named in honor of one of our dedicated elephant researchers and monitors, Ida Hansen, the bracelet is a symbolic representation of our mission to conserve and protect elephants and rhinos in Africa. The profit from the sale of each bracelet goes directly to ERP fieldwork, as is the case with all ERP Mercantile merchandise.

The bracelet is manufactured by a master craftsman in South Africa and is available in either 10 carat gold or solid silver. It also features a beautiful diamond ‘eye’. The ‘Ida’ can also be customized with a black diamond, on special request. It wraps around the wrist with a black silk cord that is incredibly comfortable to wear, yet remains highly durable. A gold clasp mechanism fastens the bracelet. The length of the cord can be adjusted to fit any wrist and the 'Ida' bracelet is suited to both men and women.

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